Month: October 2016


A Guide to Sub-1 GHz Long-Range Communication and SmartPhone Connection for IoT Application to Lowpower RF Connectivity

In today’s Internet of Things (IoT) world, there is a multitude of new wireless connectivity applications entering the market each day, propelling the continuous gathering of sensors and interactions. From our smart phone telling us how many steps we have taken to our security system telling us that no windows are left open, we have…
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AVR Microcontroller Memory Architecture

What is a memory map? The memory map of a microcontroller is a diagram which gives the size, type, and layout of the memories that are available in the microcontroller. The information uses to construct the memory map is extracted from the datasheet of the microcontroller. The ATMega8515 microcontroller contains three(3) blocks of memory: Program…
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3 Big Technologies that will Shape the FUTURE of your Business

Internet of Things (IoT) describes an emerging trend where a large number of embedded devices (things) are connected to the Internet. These connected devices communicate with people and other things and often provide sensor data to cloud storage and cloud computing resources where the data is processed and analyzed to gain important insights. Cheap cloud…
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