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Cache memory is intended to give memory speed approaching that of the fastest memories available, and at the same time provide a large memory size at the price of less expensive types of semiconductor memories. The concept is illustrated in Figure (a) below. There is a relatively large and slow main memory together with a…
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Viva Question Answer on DRAM & SRAM memory

Q.1 What are the key properties of semiconductor memory? Ans:¬†They exhibit two stable (or semistable) states, which can be used to represent binary 1 and 0; they are capable of being written into (at least once), to set the state; they are capable of being read to sense the state. Q.2 What are two senses…
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Processor Architecture Viva Question Answer

Q.1 What are general categories of functions are specified by computer instructions? Ans: Computer instructions specify four general categories, those are Processor-memory: Data may be transferred from processor to memory or from memory to processor. Processor-I/O: Data may be transferred to or from a peripheral device by transferring between the processor and an I/O module.…
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