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System Identification using Adaptive LMS and Normalized LMS Filter in MATLAB

There are four major types of adaptive filtering configurations; adaptive system identification, adaptive noise cancellation, adaptive linear prediction, and adaptive inverse system. All of the above systems are similar in the implementation of the algorithm but different in system configuration. All 4 systems have the same general parts; an input x(n), a desired result d(n), an…
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Find the Periodicity of Noisy Data using Autocorrelation method in MATLAB

Autocorrelation (short ACF, autocorrelation function) is a cross-correlation of a signal with itself. By correlating a signal with itself, repetitive patterns will stand out and make it much easier to see. The (discrete) autocorrelation of a signal x is defined by the following simple equation. The entire signal x is shifted by an offset j and then multiplied by the original signal. This…
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Moving Average FIR Filter in MATLAB

As the name implies, the moving average filter operates by averaging a number of points from the input signal to produce each point in the output signal. In equation form, this is written: Where x[ ] is the input signal, y[ ] is the output signal, and M is the number of points in the…
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